ARC Review: Good Boy (WAGs, #1) by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

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4 Cheezus! stars

This book is so much fun! Sexy, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny, I read with a big smile on my face, reveling in the hilariousness of the characters and their fantastically entertaining dynamic.

This book is the first in the WAGs series, and is a spin off from the Him duet. Blake and Jess were both introduced in Us, but this one can be enjoyed without the previous books.

Blake Riley is the scene stealing neighbour of Wes and Jamie. He plays on the same NHL team as Wes, and has become great friends with the two boys, becoming a firm fixture in their lives. Jess Canning is the older sister of Jamie, and when she flew from California to Toronto to care for her sick brother, she and Blake had an off-the-page hook up, and I have been so excited to get the full story and see the continuation of all of that chemistry.

She’s staring at me like she wants to rip off my clothes. Or just rip something. I’m not quite sure which.

Much to Blake’s disappointment, he and Jess haven’t seen each other since Jess left Toronto – which is exactly how she wants it – but she is co-ordinating Wes and Jamie’s wedding, and with Blake standing in as Wes’ best man, the two of them come face to face in an explosion of teasing, banter, animosity, smutty flirting and sizzling sexual attraction. Their pull to each other is evident but Jess has no intention of going there with Blake, while he is on a mission to get her back into bed, and the back and forth is hilarious.

“We’re friends?”
“Are we?”
I smirk at her. “Would you rather I said ‘former lovers? Or maybe soon-to-be-lovers-again?”
She smirks back. “In your dreams.”
“Fuck, yes.
Absolutely in my dreams. The wet kind.”

Blake is so much fun! He’s funny and open and larger-than-life, with no filter and little appreciation of personal boundaries, but it somehow works for him.

He just laughs, that deep, boisterous laugh that seems to come from the center of his soul, because Blake doesn’t do anything half-assed. He laughs the way he lives his life – loud and fierce and without inhibition.
He fucks that way, too.

That dude is a lot like a big, drooly dog. Doesn’t matter if he just met you, he wants to lick your face and hump your leg.

He comes off as being a bit clueless, but he is really an intelligent guy. His boisterous charm is completely endearing, but it hides his surprisingly big heart, and I loved that this book allowed us to see softer, deeper side of him, and when Jess ends up in Toronto for study, she gets the opportunity to experience it as well as she and Blake are suddenly thrust back into each others’ lives in a big way.

There’s more flirting, more banter, more back and forth and even a fake romance, and through it all they develop a friendship and their attraction to each other continues to grow until it reaches the point of no return when neither of them can resist any more. And holy damn, Blake and Jess are seriously hot together, but more than just sex, real feelings start to develop and they find themselves unexpectedly falling for each other.

Damn it. I’ve got it bad.
I’m so fucking fucked.

This is such a fun book. Blake and Jess both have things to work through and overcome personally and there is some really nice character development as they move forward in their lives. And together they are so entertaining as they get to know each other on a more meaningful level and find themselves more and more drawn to each other. Things between them are messy at times, but the progression felt natural, and I loved seeing it all happen. They have a wonderful dynamic, and I love the teasing, banter and joking around. And most of all I love how much fun they have together.

Jess gives a little shiver. “Never meant to do this tonight.”
“Don’t overthink it.” I tear the packet and roll the rubber onto my aching dick. “You just need a little recharge on my docking station.”
Our eyes meet. Time stands still for one perfect second.
Then we both explode with laughter.

Wes and Jamie fans will be thrilled to know that they do feature throughout (and we get to see their wedding, which is absolute perfection!). But this book belongs to Blake and Jamie, and it’s a fun, sexy, laugh-out-loud read that I really enjoyed. Definitely looking forward to more from this series.

4 stars.

An Advanced Reader Copy was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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