Review: Dark Needs (The Dark Light of Day, #1.5) by T.M. Frazier

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4 badass, “Jake Fucking Dunn” stars

This is a companion novel to The Dark Light of Day. Told mainly from Jake’s POV, it gives us a little more detail of the events that took place in the epilogue of the first book as Jake seeks retribution against the man that hurt his family.

“A revenge kill is the best kind of kill.
But a revenge kill for your family, with your woman’s permission?
That’s borderline erotic.”

– Jake, The Dark Light of Day.

The story then moves on to a year later, thrusting Jake and Abby into more drama that they need to deal with, as well as continuing their healing from events in the past. It’s raw and dirty, but it’s also beautifully romantic and really freaking hot as we get to see them dealing with it all.

She didn’t show me that I was capable of love. She was the one who made me capable of love.

I was really satisfied with how The Dark Light of Day ended, and I wouldn’t say this is a necessary read, but I loved the opportunity to see more of Jake as a family man. He is still one scary dude, but he is so in love with his family, and his tenderness and protectiveness is gorgeous.

Our love had no rules.
… There was a reason I was put on the planet exactly how I was, how I am.
To protect my family.

This is a very quick read, and you’ll need to have read The Dark Light of Day for it to make any sense (I actually reread the last couple of chapters to refresh my memory of everything that went down). T.M. Frazier very quickly recaptures the mood of the first book, this novella is dark and gritty, and on the complete wrong side of the law, but if you were already a fan and want just a little bit more of Jake and Abby, then you’ll probably love it. And as a bonus, there is a brief introduction to Frazier’s next book, King.

4 stars.


The Dark Light of Day Series

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The Dark Light of Day (#1) (Jake & Abby)
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Dark Needs (#1.5) (Jake’s POV novella)
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