ARC Review: Midnight Unbound (Midnight Breed, #14.6) by Lara Adrian

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4.5 stars!

I loooooved this novella! A short, romantic and steamy read with action, excitement and heavy on the paranormal – just the way I like it! It’s a book that takes place within the Midnight Breed world, but sits outside of the overarching series storyline so you don’t have to have read all of the previous books in order to enjoy this one. Scythe and Chiara were introduced in the preceding novella, Midnight Untamed, and from that glimpse of chemistry between them, I have been so excited to read their story.

Scythe is a broody, seemingly cold-hearted Gen One warrior who was born in a laboratory as part of an underground breeding program and raised to be a ruthless killer. Upon his release 20 years previously, he has tried to find his place in the world and has at last settled in Italy, where he lives a solitary life, but is in contact with his half-brother, a member of the Order in Rome.

Chiara is a beautiful breedmate widow who is raising her son on her own following the death of her Breed husband. It wasn’t the best of marriages, and though she grieved his death she realises that she is better off alone. She remains at his family’s vineyard and has taken the running of it upon her shoulders, finding peace and joy in her simple life with her beloved little boy.

Scythe and Chiara met in the last book, when he grudgingly took her and her little boy, and other members of the Breed, into his protection in his home. At the time there interactions were nothing but broody stares, but they have been unable to forget about each other since that time.

Weeks later, when Chiara is suddenly under threat by an unknown member of the Breed, Scythe is called in to protect her and hunt down her attacker. With the two of them alone at her vineyard, it becomes harder and harder to hide their attraction to each other, but while Chiara is keen to explore the connection between them, Scythe is too damaged by his past to even consider it. And with danger imminent, and the sexual tension building, the stage is set for all kinds of action, passion and intensity.

“You are a complication to be sure, Chiara Genova … You are also the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever met. And I would do anything – sacrifice any part of me, including my last breath – to keep you safe.”

I loved Scythe and Chiara!!! Their story is told in dual POV, and I could feel the chemistry between them. I could understand where both of them were coming from as they considered their feelings, and I love that Chiara is the one to give Scythe the much-needed push to do something about it.

“Chiara.” Her name was a raw warning. “This isn’t a good idea.”
“I think it’s an excellent idea” She stepped in closer to him. “There’s something going on here with us. I know you feel it too. I know you don’t want to feel it. I’d like to deny it, too, but I can’t.”

Their fall for each other is hard and fast, and watching the transition of Scythe as he gives himself over to all he is feeling is absolutely gorgeous! And it’s all kinds of sexy!

“My brave, beautiful Chiara,” he muttered. “God help you if you want me as much as I want you.”

Though it doesn’t impact the overall story, I love these novellas which add to the overall Midnight Breed world, and Scythe and Chiara’s story was heartwarming, sexy and emotional, and beautifully romantic, and definitely strong enough to stand on its own. I loved it!

4.5 stars.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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