Review: Happily Ever Ninja (Knitting in the City, #5) by Penny Reid

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4 “I need you” stars

“My heart keeps discovering new ways to love you.”

Happily Ever Ninja is different than the other Knitting in the City books. Penny Reid has perfectly woven the humor and heart that we have come to expect with action and suspense. It has an addictive plot with complex characters that are married before the book even starts. There is so much to the story that surprised me and I really enjoyed it.

We get the start to Fiona and Greg’s story in the origin novella, Ninja at First Sight, and it paves the way to their happily ever after. Though they have been married for fourteen years, they are still playful and their love is as passionate and intense as it was in the beginning. Fiona stays home with their two children while Greg works overseas making a positive impact on the world. As with all relationships though, Fiona and Greg’s isn’t always happy and easy, but it’s realistic. It takes work and there are challenges they have to face if they truly want to be happy.

I really liked this addition to the series. After reading their novella, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Fiona and Greg’s full story. Fiona is strong and a total ninja badass in her own right. She is independent and her lack of neediness is refreshing. She loves her family and does her best when she is acting as a single mom when Greg is away. Long distance is far from easy and the longing was so strong when they were apart, that I felt their desperation deep down inside and it was believable.

I loved that we got flashbacks in Greg’s POV so we got to see his side of the story. He showed the utter devotion and true love he felt for Fiona and it was all-consuming. His character was unique and at times he pissed me off whereas other times he left me swooning!

“I love you wildly, madly, completely, Fiona Archer…I love you always.”

I love that we get some glimpses of the reasoning behind his actions in the novella. From the beginning, Greg respected Fiona and was patient with her, but he also needed her so desperately. I loved that he wanted to build a foundation to their relationship and did not rush it even though he knew she was his forever. The progression was well-paced and I enjoyed seeing in through Greg’s eyes.

Even though they have been together eighteen years, there was room for growth both as a couple and as individuals, and it was wonderful watching them go through it together. I really liked that they still challenge each other and are discovering new things about their relationship.

Marriage is an ultimate sport in emotional multitasking. I’m never only mad at Greg. I’m mad and madly in love; angry and concerned for his wellbeing; he frustrates and delights me in the same second. We were arguing, but we were still a team.

To be honest though, I am not sure how I felt about their marriage in the beginning of this book. There was no question they loved each other completely. They knew each other by heart and I felt their connection.

He felt so good, he knew me too well, was too intimate with the canvas of my body because he’d been the original—and the only—artist of my desire.

However, the marital strife was almost too much for me. In some ways I understood why things bothered them but in other ways I was angry with their choices. I get why they picked their battles but I wanted them to work together more. I felt that the solid foundation of their relationship that was built long ago cracking which hurt my heart. The ending is beautiful though and I loved the way it all worked out.

Though it is a romantic comedy, there are some serious themes in the book that filled me with worry and kept me turning pages as fast as I could. The twists in this book surprised me and had me rereading sections to make sure I understood everything. The action and suspense were well written and I enjoyed those aspects of the book.

I love how the characters from the previous books are intertwined with this story too. Their friendships, their support, and their specialties are important to each and every story and I love them all!

Overall, it’s an entertaining addition to the series and I can’t get enough! Up next? Dating-ish!

*Note: As with all the other Knitting books, the audio version was spectacular! I definitely recommend it!

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