Review: Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) by Kristen Ashley

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6 shining stars!!!

I warn you there is going to be serious gushing in this review, and it’s 3am and I’m too pumped up to go to sleep so please excuse me if this is completely incoherent.

I’m a massive fan of Kristen Ashley’s Dream Man series, so was waiting with baited breath for the final instalment. I’ll admit going in that I wasn’t a huge Tack fan. I liked his character in the previous books, but he never really appealed to me like the other boys did. I can now safely say that Kane ‘Tack’ Allen is right up there with Mitch Lawson as my favourite KA man, and is now crowned my King of the Alphas!!

In the very beginning of the book he’s a total a**hole. Evidenced by the totally classy line he uses when Tyra shows up to her first day of work…


…but Tyra is a brilliant match for him and even early on in the book, the sexual tension between them is off the chart!! (Chapter 2 is titled ‘Bring It On’ so you just know it’s going to be great!). Their arguments and banter throughout the book is brilliant, and I had many laugh out loud moments as they faced off against each other.

Tyra is by far my favourite of the DM series heroines. She’s smart, sassy, and not caught up in ‘personal issues’ like some of the other KA girls I’ve met. This means that the amount of stupid behaviour is minimal, and she isn’t afraid to say it like it is – most of the time… eventually… and sometimes with a little *cough* ‘prompting’ (being thrown over a the nearest piece of furniture with Tack on top of her… lucky girl) from Tack, and I love that!

And then there’s Tack *swoon!*. I absolutely fell in love with him. King of the Alphas – he’s a rude, arrogant man-whore with a filthy mouth (seriously, some of his dialogue made me blush!). But that’s why we love him! His Alpha-ness was extreme at times, but because Tyra gave her attitude right back to him it was never over the top, and they played off against each other brilliantly!

Then he showed his sweet side and completely undid me. There were glimpes of it throughout the book, but I swear to God I sat reading chapters 25 and 26 with tears streaming down my face! I was reduced to a pile of goo! It was simply amazing, and I love the way that KA was able to show him as a loving, committed lover and father, while still keeping that scary-ass biker dude that we loved from the beginning. But we all know by now that KA writes her heroes well – I’ve rarely felt so attached to characters as I do to her boys.

The story moves along at a great pace, and we get to meet a few new characters – most notably Rush and Tabby (Tack’s teenage kids), the obligatory psycho ex-wife and more scary-ass biker dudes. But the real treat was checking in with the always-hysterical Elvira and the other couples from the DM series – with even brief glimpes into their lives from their POVs. Exciting!

And of course being a KA book you just know that there’s going to be a hugely exciting climax (not that kind of climax… but yes that was there too – lots of it!). The last quarter of this book had my heart racing, and the final few chapters when Hawk, Brock and Mitch all join in the action had me squeeing like a teenage fan-girl. As Tyra says at one point in the book – “We’ve hit the hot guy motherlode.” 

There were so many favourite moments in the story, it took me forever to read the book because I was constantly back-tracking to read certain passages again. You’ll have to check out my quotes to see them all (but they are spoilery so be warned!!!). And on that note, I usually select a few certain quotes to include in my review but there are just too many with this book, I could have quoted the whole thing!

This was easily my favourite book of the Dream Man series and a completely satisfying ending to the story of four gorgeous couples. And of course the Epilogue is epic and sickeningly heart-warming. I loved it!

Looking forward to the spin-off Chaos series starting with Shy and Tabitha, and so happy that we get to continue on in this amazing world that KA has created. Damn, I need to move to Denver…



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