Review: Penmort Castle (Ghosts & Reincarnation, #1) by Kristen Ashley

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Warning! I am riding the post-KA high right now, so this is going to be a bit of a gush fest!

This book had me hooked immediately! It’s all the things that KA does so well – heart pounding, swoon-tastic romance, a touch of fantasy and a bit of the OTT hilarity that I so love in the Rock Chick series. Add in strong characters, including a kickass, gorgeous Alpha of course, and this book was pure WIN!

Cash and Abby meet when he hires her to be his pretend girlfriend for a month. He is under the misapprehension that she is a paid escort, when in fact she is a widow with financial problems. So they make their deal, and then before they part from their first meeting they have a ‘moment’ which hints at the chemistry to come.

Things progress in the manner which we have come to expect from a Kristen Ashley book – there is lots of banter, intrusive friends and neighbours, and a slightly crazy heroine who, against her every intention, finds herself falling for the big, strong, bossy Alpha – not that I blame her at all – holy freaking hotness! I love Cash Fraser! “Famous, Super-Sexy, International Industrial Spy Hunter”, he’s even got a Scottish brogue *dreamy sigh*. But Abby has lost almost everybody in her life, and has promised herself that she would remain faithful to her dead husband. She feels overwhelming guilt when she starts to fall for Cash, and does everything she can to try and fight it. But Cash knows that he wants Abby and, of course, has no intention of letting her get away.

“I don’t give a fuck about whatever fucking rules you have. That was you that you just gave me. I wanted it, you gave it, I took it and I’m not fucking giving it back.”

The love story moves quickly and is full of swoon and lots of steamy moments. It doesn’t take long for their deal to be history, and for Cash to move Abby into his place (hahaha – KA gold!). They have some pretty serious obstacles to overcome as they both struggle with Abby’s refusal to let go of the past, and Cash has some issues of his own. And there are some brilliantly intense scenes between them as they try to work things out.

“Stop lying to yourself and stop hiding from me. It’s not only not over, you don’t even fucking want it to be over.”


About a third of the way into the book (when the romance is already burning hot and strong), we are introduced to the ghost part of the story. Cash’s ancestral home (castle) is haunted by a ghost who kills off the true love of the current master of the house, and she makes herself known to Abby when Cash brings her for her first visit. Abby’s friends immediately mount a ‘Ghostbusting’ team to come in and deal with the malevolent spirit. Intro to Angus Macpherson, a kilt-wearing Scotsman from a long line of ghost hunters – and he’s freaking hilarious!

“Some folks believe. Some folks need to see to believe. Some folks need their loved ones hurled off the top of a castle by a spirit-bitch-from-hell to believe.”

The ghost storyline is minor in comparison to the romance, but it is intertwined nicely with the rest of the story, and all culminates in a big showdown which had me holding my breath and screeching out loud, before making me laugh, cry and swoon.

“I want you so attached you can’t imagine a life without me. I don’t give a fuck if that’s selfish, that’s what I want because, Abby, you must know, I already can’t imagine life without you.”

As always, the full cast of characters play a huge part of the action. Particular shout outs to Kieran and Jenny, and Mrs Truman had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions – but never more than “Don’t make me come up there!”. The story was told in multiple POVs, which I LOVE!!! I always love the guy POV in a romance story, but getting inside the head of a KA Alpha is something really special – there’s just something about seeing such a big, tough badass fall, and fall hard.

“They were simply meant to be.
He understood this was a ludicrously romantic notion.
And he didn’t give a fuck.”

I loved this book! It was a beautifully romantic story with a touch of the ridiculous that KA pulls off so brilliantly! And there’s even an epilogue 🙂 I’m really excited to go on with the rest of this series.

5 sensational stars.


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