Review: Lacybourne Manor (Ghosts & Reincarnation, #3) by Kristen Ashley

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A whimsical tale of destiny, magic and true love.

People try to explain magic in a variety of different ways.
They use the excuse of science, miracle, divine intervention, luck, fate and coincidence.
It’s all just magic in one form or another.
* * * * *
And the pureset magic is love.
And the purest, 
purest magic is true love. 

Book 3 in Kristen Ashley’s Ghosts and Reincarnation series, and she has delivered yet another all-consuming romantic read which, unlike the last book in this series, is heavily tied in with the ghonsty/reincarnation theme.

500 years ago, Royce and Beatrice Morgan were slaughtered on their wedding night before they were able to consummate their love. A local witch was so devastated at the tragedy, that she bound their spirits together for eternity until their reincarnated souls could find true love and break a centuries-old curse.

In the present, Colin Morgan is the image of his long-dead ancestor, Royce, and is living in the family estate of Lacybourne Manor. Having lived with the knowledge that he is destined to fulfil the legend, his heart has become hardened over the years as he has been used and betrayed by women after him for his money and his position. He is now a callous and ruthless businessman who has given up on finding his ‘Beatrice’.

Sibyl Godwin is an American living in England. She is a dreamer with a huge heart. Always standing up for the downtrodden and looking to make life better for people – even those she doesn’t even know, and sometimes with hilarious results. She has dreamed of her one true love for her whole life, and had just about given up hope when a shocking encounter one stormy night changes everything.

Colin immediately recognises Sibyl as the image of Beatrice, and is immediately suspicious of her intentions and her apparent lack of knowledge about the legend. Nevertheless, in the way of all KA alphas, he intends to pursue her, and make her his business.

The start of their relationship is unconventional to say the least. And honestly, I had some issues with it – on both of their parts. But, fair play to them, they are able to overcome their questionable beginning, and commence an epic KA-esque romance –

“There is no way in hell a woman like you should be on the arm of a man like that,” Colin remarked with deep meaning and supreme finality.
… “And what type of man should I be on the arm of, as you put it?”
“Me,” he answered boldly.

A seemingly mismatched couple – the bossy, controlling alpha, and the dreamy, sweet-hearted heroine, they antagonise the crap out of each other…

“He’d just decided to marry Sibyl, though he could not imagine, considering her spectacular temper, how she would react to all of this.”

“Christ, you’re the most annoying woman I’ve ever met.”

… and their courtship is complete with fantastically descriptive interactions, ridiculously hilarious arguments and even Sibyl being tossed over Colin’s shoulder and marched up the stairs. And while not as hot as some of KA’s more recent book releases, there is still some pretty sensational steamy time.

“I like to watch. You’re beautiful always but you’re fucking breathtaking when you come.”

I loved watching the development of their relationship, and loved that the book is written in dual POV. Sibyl has always been led by her heart, and as much as she gives to Colin, she holds a part of herself back from him in order to protect herself, but as they get to know each other and grow closer, both of their walls come tumbling down, and it is absolutely beautiful. I especially loved watching the change in the previously cold-hearted Colin as he rediscovers happiness again and comes to realise the significance all that is happening between them.

Sibyl’s surrender had been complete. Colin instantly recognised just how much she had been holding back when she opened her heard to him fully. He found the offer of it into his care a gesture so precious, he wasn’t certain how to handle it but he was certain that he would not, under any circumstances, let it go.


The link between the story in the present and the events that took place 500 years ago are closely tied, and it all culminates into a heart-racing and intricately detailed climax that had me flipping pages madly. The way it’s written is all very clever, and I really enjoyed the magical aspect of the storyline.

Full of the KA-isms that we adore, this is a long book, and I love that Kristen Ashley takes the time to tell the story in the way that she wants it. Things that other authors or editors would cut out, she leaves in, and it adds so much to the mood of the book. From the ridiculous to the swoony, to all of the beautifully fleshed-out side characters that contribute so many little details to the story, it’s all there, and I soaked up every single moment of it. Bravo!

I loved it – 4 stars.


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