Review: Dear Bridget, I Want You by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Dear Bridget I want you

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4.5 fun, sexy, swoony stars!

I freaking LOVE this book!

There is something magical about Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward writing together, and they have outdone themselves with Dr Simon Hogue, and this fun, sweet, laugh-out-loud, sexy, heartfelt, swoony love story.

Bridget Valentine is a smart, funny, hardworking widow with an eight-year-old son. A very embarrassing trip to the Emergency Room leads her into the path of Dr Simon Hogue where a fun, flirty (and slightly inappropriate) encounter takes place.

Dr. Hottie was quiet for a long moment, but when he spoke, I heard the laughter in his voice.
“Have you been wearing them for three days?”
“What?” I turned to look back at the gorgeous doctor. His right hand was scratching at the stubble on his chin, while his left was holding onto his elbow.
“Your knickers. It’s Friday. They say Tuesday. I was wondering if you’d been wearing them for three days or just got your days of the week mixed up.”

Months later and Bridget is preparing to rent out her garage apartment to a friend of a friend, and low and behold, her new tenant is the sexy doctor who has been the star of all of her recent fantasies.

Simon is all kinds of charm. Gorgeous, sweet and charismatic, and to top it all off he has an English accent, the combination of which has panties dropping wherever he goes. He’s dedicated to his career and isn’t interested in a relationship of any kind, however there is something about Bridget that sparks his interest in a way he’s never experienced before.

“What they say about wanting what you can’t have is apparently true. For some bloody reason, I can’t stop thinking about you in very inappropriate ways.”

Bridget hasn’t had time for relationships and is only recently starting to warm up to the idea of putting herself out there again, but nobody makes her feel what Simon makes her feel. And as the two of them start to talk and get to know each other, their attraction to each other only grows.

I love the progression of this relationship. It’s fun and flirty with lots of innuendo and I laughed out loud at both their interactions, and the internal thoughts of both characters. The chemistry is fantastic, and the sexual tension just oozes off the page. The build-up creates a wonderful intensity, and I honestly loved every moment just waiting for it all to happen for them.

“You were on the fucking beach in my bikini with him. I just assumed something was going on.” Her eyes widened.
“Your bikini?”
Perhaps it was a Freudian slip, but I owned up to it. “Yes. My fucking bikini.” In that moment, it was like my inhibitions just snapped. Running my thumb along the slightly burned skin below her neck, I said exactly what I was thinking. “It’s my bikini because every inch of the body inside of it belongs to me, whether you want that to be the case or not. I know how that struggle feels because it’s no different for me. As much as I would give anything to want someone else right now, my body only wants you. And quite frankly, Bridget, it’s not going to rest until it has you.”

And as expected from these authors, once they take that step, the relationship is sexy, heartfelt and seemingly effortless as they follow their hearts and slowly fall for each other. It’s so much more than either of them ever expected, and it’s fun, funny, passionate, beautiful and honest, and full of swoon

“I need you more than I’m afraid of everything else that comes with loving you.”

But there are challenges they need to face, both expected and unexpected, and I loved the intensity that the dramatic elements added to the story. It gives us a real sense of the characters and their relationship, and I was easily swept up as it all played out.

I loved this book. Bridget is a great heroine, Simon absolutely stole my heart, and the love story is just gorgeous with a sensational epilogue that finishes off the story beautifully.

Such a great read – 4.5 stars.

Note – if you get the chance to listen to this book on audio, do it, because Zachary Webber doing an English accent is something that everybody needs to experience! *fanning my face*.


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