Review: Raid (Unfinished Heroes, #3) by Kristen Ashley

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4.5 stars


KA brings us yet another gorgeous, swoony, sexy and tortured Alpha to obsess over in former Marine and all-round badass, Raiden Ulysees Miller.

“Wearing a skin tight army green tee that was straining so much at his biceps it looked in danger of ripping. He also had on tan cargo pants, boots, and unbelievably cool gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses.

He was leaning back against his Jeep, arms crossed on his massive chest, shades, it appeared, still on me. He had a sexy smile playing about his mouth and he looked settled in, like he was enjoying a show.”

All this, in addition to having a dark and dangerous side *shiver*.

Our heroine is Hanna, a dorky, goofy, girlie girl with a huge heart, and she is absolutely fabulous. In love with Raid since she was 6 years old, she has lived a confined, small-town life and admired him from afar, never having the courage to approach him. At age 28 she finally convinces herself that the love of her life is out of her reach, so she picks herself up, starts living life to the fullest and finally moves on from her childhood dream.

Of course, it is then that Raid suddenly notices her. Rocking her world, he comes barging into her life, throwing her into a clutzy, gobsmacked frenzy…

I was concentrating on taking in all this fabulousness so I might have missed the full orgasm, but I was relatively certain I had a mini one.
Then he smiled.
There it was.
The full orgasm.
It was a wonder I didn’t moan.

But why has he suddenly noticed her? Why is he suddenly into her? What’s the story behind his somewhat ‘shady’ lifestyle? And what is the big trauma that happened to him while he was away fighting the war that has brought him back a changed man?

Once Raid makes his intentions clear – “So you get I’m into you” (be still my heart) – the relationship between them progresses really quickly. There are gorgeously sweet moments, heaps of swoon and HOTNESS!!!! Raid likes to “play” in the bedroom, so there is a bit of kink and a whole heap of dirty talk.

“Baby, last night, those kisses, I hoped to Christ that was a preview of things to come and I’m fuckin’ thrilled it was. Out there, you can ride that silly-ass bike, but now I know, in my bed, you’re gonna let go for me. You’re gonna let me play with that body. You’re gonna let me work you ‘til you’re so fuckin’ wet you’re drenched for me. And when I let you come I’m gonna make it feel like you’re coming apart at the seams. And only I’m gonna know you give me that. Only I’m gonna get that. And I’m fuckin’ overjoyed that’s all for me and only me.”

They are both clearly crazy about each other, but Raid’s work is not ‘exactly’ legal, and his experiences as a Marine still torment him, and he battles some major demons. But they are both honest and open with each other, and even though there are a few moments of drama, their relationship is really functional, and it’s AWESOME! And through it all Hanna stands strong by his side, and I so admired her determination to withstand the “hellfire” inside of him and be there for her man.

“I couldn’t stop myself from being the woman who tried to withstand hellfire. No. I knew the reason. It was because I wanted to know nothing for the rest of my life sweeter than the love Raiden could have for me. It was also more. I wanted him to know nothing for the rest of his sweeter than what I could give him.”

And, in return, he makes it totally worth her while – “You’re my reward, Hanna.” – Mega SWOOOOOOOON!!! (and a little tear).

Hanna’s Grams is a sensational addition to the cast. The town’s matriarch, she is 98 years old, and very close to Hanna. She is loving and wise, and seems to know all. And she’s absolutely freaking hilarious! (bitchfight in church – brilliant!). And although we don’t see a lot of her, Hanna’s best friend, KC, is also awesome, and totally supportive of Hanna. She also made me laugh out loud.

“He backed me into a wall, caging me in, got in my face and explained he is most definitely into me.”
When I was done speaking, her lips were parted and her eyes were glazed.
“KC?” I called when she didn’t say anything.
“Shh,” she shushed me. “I’m having an orgasm.”

There is a distinct lack of a ‘bad guy’ for a KA book (although there is a sensational smackdown at one point), and then there is the usual 90% ‘incident’, and this time around we get to see Creed, Sylvie, Knight and Anya come in to help save the day (squee). It’s not as action-packed as other KA books, but the ‘OMG’ factor is definitely there. And there is an Epilogue 🙂

I absolutely loved it. It’s shorter than KA’s usual, and I read it in a day, staying up until 1.30am unable to put it down. I loved Hanna and Raid, and their story was absolutely beautiful.

4.5 swoontastic stars.


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