Review: Kiss of Crimson (Midnight Breed, #2) by Lara Adrian

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I feel so dirty saying this, but I am loving this series! The BDB similarities continue unabashedly, but I can’t not read it.

The second book in the Midnight Breed series tells the story of Dante and Tess. Dante is yet another hot, broody vampire (aren’t they all? *dreamy sigh*). Viciously wounded, he is found late one night by Tess, our very likeable heroine, who tries to help him and ends up as a blood source. Too late into the piece, Dante discovers that Tess is actually a breedmate and by drinking from her, he is halfway through completing a blood bond with her. Whoops!!!

I really liked the twist on this relationship. Tess is in the dark about what is actually going on for most of the book after having her memory wiped of her first encounter with Dante, but she cannot help but fall for the gorgeously hot but mysterious man that suddenly appears in her life. And I loved watching Dante fall hopelessly in love with Tess and become fiercely and swoonily protective of her.

Running alongside the romance is a storyline about young vampires going missing and a drug that turns vampires into Rogues. The Breed boys are joined in their operation by Agent Sterling Chase of the Boston Darkhaven (this would be the ‘Butch’ character). I initially thought Chase was a bit straight-laced for the rest of the boys, but after a very surprising visit to a nightclub, I’ve gotta say I’m intrigued!! I really like him as an addition to the story, and loved the snarky relationship that he develops with Dante. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in future books.

There is also a bit of a set up for the next book – with the mysteriously dangerous Zsadist Tegan having a bit of a moment with emotionally scarred Elise. Looks like there are going to be many obstacles for the two of them, but I can’t wait to see them get their HEA.

The action is good with a few surprises thrown in. There are some very steamy scenes, and quite a bit of swoon. The ending was a bit abrupt, but I expect that the storylines will continue into the next books, so I’m not too concerned.

Overall, a great read. I’m looking forward to more!


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