Review: Veil of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #5) by Lara Adrian

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Woohoo!! The ‘Midnight Breed’ Train continues!

This time it’s Nikolai’s turn to be the hero. Niko is a fierce warrior, driven and determined, he loves his weapons and he loves to fight. The story starts with him in Montreal where Niko is searching for the reclusive Gen One, Sergei Yakut. When he finds him, however, he also finds his badass bodyguard, Renata. Renata is different from the other heroines in the series who have no idea of the Breed world. Renata is aware of the world and her place in it as a breedmate with a special psychic gift. And she hates it!

When Niko is invited back to Sergei’s compound, he also meets a mysterious young girl, Mira, who is a young breedmate and has the special gift of being an Oracle, and Niko’s first meeting with her shows him that he is fated to be with Renata – even though she has already tried to kill him, and seems keen to try again.

“Mira’s never wrong. Whatever she showed you tonight, it’s fated to be.”
“Fated”, he said, sounding amused by that. “Well, shit. Then I guess we’re doomed.”

It doesn’t take long the action to start and all hell breaks loose with betrayal, murder, corruption and treachery, and when Mira is taken, Renata will stop at nothing to get her back, and thankfully, she knows just the big, hunky warrior to help her on her quest 😉 But there are many obstacles to overcome on their road to their HEA, and Renata shines here as a hero in her own right – courageous, brave and honourable, she is not afraid to get involved in the fights with the boys, but also has some very epic scenes of her own (although she does have a pretty huge moment of stupid at the end of the book that made me want to smack her… hard!). But she and Niko make a great team as they work together to get the bad guy and bring Mira home.

Tying into this story, Gen Ones are still being killed, and tyrannical bad guy Drago’s plans continue to unfold, with a mysterious ‘8’ put together to bring about his ‘revolution’. We are also introduced to the newly-bred Gen One assassin, Hunter, and another couple of new bad guys Edgar Fabien and Wilhelm Roth.

With most of the action taking place away from Boston, there’s not a lot of time spent with the rest of the boys in the Order, but they do all make an appearance, and a minor storyline checks in with Andreas in Berlin, and events there build to an absolutely heart breaking climax – I need to read his book! I need him to get his HEA!

But it’s very much Niko and Renata’s story, and I loved the dynamic in this one where Niko had had the vision of him and Renata together, but she had no idea, but still she is drawn to him. Their love story is well paced and swoonily beautiful, as Renata opens up to Niko about her tragic past and it brings out the tender side in both of these badass characters.


Nikolai stroked her cheek, then wrapped her in his embrace. “You’re safe,” he said tenderly beside her ear. “I’ve got you, and I’m going to keep you safe.”

The romance is steamy as always, with some sensational swoon.

“I’m in love with you Renata. I know I’m not a poet – shit, not even close. I don’t have all the fancy words I wish I could say to you … but I want you to know that what I’m feeling for you is real. I love you.”

I freaking love this series! The individual stories are fantastic, and the overarching storyline is intriguing and intense. I cannot get enough of these characters, and can’t wait for more!


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