Review: A Taste of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #9.5) by Lara Adrian

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This was a gorgeous little read, taking us back to the story of Danika, who tragically lost her mate, Conlan, earlier in the series. One of the previous books in the series showed us a brief glimpse of Danika’s new life after she had returned to her native Denmark and had given birth to her and Conlan’s son, Connor. This book sees her and her baby in Edinburgh, visiting Conlan’s family. And while she is there, she unexpectedly runs into the tall, dark and mysterious vampire, Bran, who gets her heart racing again and is harbouring a big secret…

Danika is still in mourning, although still standing strong and confident and carrying on with her life. I was worried about how this story would unfold, as the length of the novella would not allow a big lead up for a strong love to develop, but the way that it came about and then all unfolded was pretty much perfect

 And through it all, I love that her history with Conlan and her feelings for him were never disrespected.

“Con’s gone, and I’m still alive. I still mourn him, but I can’t tell you that my heart isn’t glad to be looking at you now.” 

Bran, like Danika, is also recovering from a loss from his past and I was really happy to see them come together. Their love story is intense and very passionate!

There is a bit of action as Bran is tied up with the bad guys, and Danika is unwittingly dragged into the nastiness. And there is an epilogue which ties the story in a little with what is about to go down in Boston with the Order, as a newly introduced character makes his way over to help with the big epic battle to come.

I love that Adrian went back to finish off Danika’s story for us, and was very happy to see her get her HEA. And now, it’s time for the big showdown. Woohoo!


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