Review: Marked by Midnight (Midnight Breed, #11.5) by Lara Adrian

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This is a very short novella featuring Mathias Rowan, a member of the Breed from Boston, and ally to The Order – a group of badass warrior vampires who have dedicated their lives to protecting and defending their kind. Mathias is now based in London, as is the leader of The Order in the city. His investigations into a series of murders sees him entering a hole-in-the-wall tattoo parlour one night, and that is where he encounters tattoo artist, Nova.

Nova is heavily tattooed, heavily pierced, and has blue and black hair. She is guarded and mysterious, and she is also a breedmate – one of the very few humans who are genetically predisposed to be able to breed with a vampire. Although she dismisses the big, hot vamp as quickly as she can, there is a definite spark between them, and as Mathias’ investigation keeps leading him back to Nova and the huge secret that she is keeping, the two of them are drawn together into feelings and passion that neither of them have ever felt before.

“You don’t want to stop what’s happening between us. You can’t deny it, Nova. No more than I can.”

I really liked the set up to this story, it was interesting, and the relationship between Mathias and Nova had some great potential. But it was just too short. Due to the shortness of the book, it’s insta-love to ridiculous levels, and while there were a couple of sweet moments, I feel like an opportunity has been missed as the premise could have easily been a longer book. Mathias and Nova are both really interesting characters, and I would have liked to get to know them better, have the opportunity to explore their background a little more (especially Nova’s), and see more of a build up to their relationship. The action/mystery element could also easily have been extended, and although the case was solved, there were still things left undone and I felt like I just skimmed the surface rather than getting involved in it.

I love this series, and this was still an enjoyable read, it just felt really rushed, and I wanted more.

3 stars.


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