Review: Idol (VIP, #1) by Kristen Callihan


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You’re bringing me back to life.

5 stars! What an epic rockstar romance!

This is my very first book by Kristen Callihan, and I loved it! Wonderful writing, great characters and an intense, emotional, passionate and believable love story that made me feel everything! I was hooked from the very first page and could not put it down. An absolutely fantastic read!

Libby is a strong, independent woman who has been living a reclusive life since the tragic death of her parents a year earlier. Living alone in her grandmother’s old house on a small island in the Outer Banks, she works from home and has cut herself off from pretty much everybody in her life, relishing the peace and quiet. But that peace is shattered when a drunken idiot crashes his motorbike into her front fence and passes out on her front lawn. Disgusted by his actions, she tries to get rid of him but ends up cleaning him up and bringing him inside of her house to sleep it off. The following morning she is again trying to get him out of the house when they discover that he is her new neighbour, staying in the house across the road from her for the summer.

Killian James is the lead singer and guitarist for the hottest rock band in the world, Kill John. His bandmates are his best friends, and life took a drastic turn for them a year previously and since then they have all been laying low. His Manager hooked him up with the isolated rental property to get him away from the paparazzi and to provide Killian with a break from everything in the hopes that he would find his way again after the tragedy left him broken, with no desire to write or play music for the first time in his life.

Two vulnerable people, desperately lonely and searching for something, they find that despite their initial meeting they enjoy each other’s company. Killian is thrilled that Libby has no idea who he really is, and he loves the opportunity to get to know the intriguing woman without his fame clouding everything, and they easily fall into a simple and honest friendship. They spend time together, laughing, teasing and joking; they share their love of music, and being with Libby helps Killian rediscover his passion for his art.

“You woke me back up, Libby. You have to know that.”

And when Libby finally learns who Killian is, it changes nothing for her, their attraction to each other is already burning strong, and their shift from friends to ‘more’ is the easiest and most natural thing in the world.

I know with an eerie calm that I’ll never see anything or anyone more stunning in my life. Everything has changed. Everything.

The chemistry between Killian and Libby is sensational! The book is written in dual POV so we see them both falling for each other, but rather than just falling into bed at the first hint of lust, they explore each other and get to know each other so that by the time anything happens between them, their feelings for each other are already incredibly strong. And what I loved most about this relationship is that it is so effortless! Their feelings develop naturally, and I loved their openness and honesty with each other

“You know what? Fuck it. Here’s the truth: I wasn’t happy — until I met you.”
I literally rock back on my heels, nearly blown away by his candor.
His hands fist as he takes a step closer. “I’ve been here for nearly two months. I never stay in one place that long. And why do you think I’m still here? The scenery? No. It’s you that I don’t want to leave.”

I could feel every little moment between them as their relationship becomes something truly amazing, and the building sexual tension is absolutely delicious! I revelled in every moment of it.

“Tell me you want this too, baby doll.”
“Want what?” I can’t think, my head is heavy, my limbs fumbling.
His dark eyes meet mine. “Everything.”
My finger shakes as I trace the dark line of his brow. His lids lower, his head tilting to follow my touch. I lean in, kiss the corner of his eye. “Only with you.”

And more than just insane chemistry, Killian and Libby share a true connection. Their love for music draws them together, and just as she has brought him back to life, he encourages her to break free of her isolation, to be brave and pursue her passion. But when he returns to his band and life on tour, with Libby by his side, will they be able to survive the pressures that come from following their dreams?

I’m not going to say anything more about the plot because the book went in a direction I was not expecting, and I enjoyed every moment of the ride. Killian and Libby’s personal journeys were beautifully written, and were woven in perfectly with the romance. And I cannot gush enough about how much I love these characters and their story! Honestly, every moment between them was pure gold – romantic, fun, passionate honest and intense – every glance, every touch, every swoony declaration was so meaningful! I could feel their love for each other and how much they wanted to be together, and it all felt so right. Of course their story has some drama, but again it’s realistic and believable to their situation with no stupidity and nothing that annoyed me, and I thought it was handled perfectly. These are two people who want, need and love each other deeply, who so clearly belong together, and who truly deserve their HEA.

“Love breaks your heart, fucks you up— perfect, all-consuming chaos.” … He wraps me up in his arms, his eyes on mine. “But it’s also this. Peace, and warmth, and so fucking beautiful, you’ll risk anything to keep it.”

So. Freaking. Swoony!

There is a fantastic group of supporting characters who bring a lot to the story. I loved getting to know the boys of Kill John, they have a true brotherhood and the love between them is beautifully explored as they banter, tease and support each other like the best friends that they are. Jax, Rye and Whip are great guys, and with their Manager, Scottie, and PR spitfire, Brenna, there is so much potential there for the rest of the series! I can’t wait to get to know them more.

I also loved the way Callihan used music in the story – as a strong bond between Killian and Libby, but also as a way to help tell her story. It was really cleverly done, and I thought it added a lot to the book.

Music can be your friend when you have none, your lover when you’re needy. Your rage, your sorrow, your joy, your pain. Your voice when you’ve lost your own. To be a part of that, to be the soundtrack of someone’s life, is a beautiful thing.

This was an absolutely fantastic read. I read it in one sitting, unable to put it down, and hours later I’m still riding the high. It was everything I was hoping for, and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

Sensational! 5 stars.


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