Review: Us (Him, #2) by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

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“It’s us. And it’s perfect.”

4.5 stars!

This book is the continuation of the love story between Ryan Wesley and Jamie Canning that began in Him. While the first book ended beautifully and this book wasn’t needed to finish off Wes and Jamie’s story, I loved diving back into the lives of these characters and seeing them navigate this next stage of their relationship. It was sweet, sexy, funny and beautifully romantic, but with a nice dose of drama which was heartbreaking yet very real. I thought this was a great read, and I absolutely loved it!

This book begins a few months after the end of Him, with Wes and Jamie now living together in Toronto, still very much in love but also still figuring things out. Wes is now playing in the NHL and having a dream start to his career, but neither he nor Jamie want his performance on the ice to be overshadowed by who he is and who he loves so they are keeping their relationship a secret. And Jamie is coaching a junior team, and although he loves it, it’s not exactly going to plan.

They both have things to deal with, but added to that is the pressure of all that comes with life as a professional athlete, the constant travel and separations, the guys being away from their support system, and a new loud, nosy, rowdy neighbour who is the ultimate cock-blocker. And it’s all exacerbated by the fact that they can’t be who they want to be outside of their home. It’s a lot to handle, and things slowly start to fall apart.

I have never felt as raw as I feel right now. I’ve just discovered that falling in love has a dark side. When you’re mad at the love of your life, it’s impossible to feel joy.

The story is written in dual POV, and it’s SO well written! I felt everything that Wes and Jamie were going through in this story and their thoughts, actions and reactions were all something I could understand and empathise with. My heart ached for them but it never felt OTT, and I loved watching them wade through all of the crap, figuring it all out and fighting for their happy ending.

My entire world is reduced to him. My best friend. My lover.

I love Wes and Jamie! Their relationship absolutely captivated me in Him, and I loved them just as much in this book. I love their jokes and their teasing, I love that they love each other so fiercely, and I love that they both throw themselves into making a life together – they really are something special. They are so honest and open with each other, and don’t hold back their feelings, and the raw intensity that is their love for each other is wonderfully written.

The way I feel…it’s something I thought existed only in the movies. He’s my other half. We complement each other in more ways than I can count. When he’s in the same room, I’m focused on him, and when he’s gone I walk around missing him.
There’s an old quote…
Love is friendship set on fire. I get it now.

I could feel the connection between the boys, and their relationship and their love for each other feels so real. It’s strong, natural and incredibly passionate, and damn, this is one HOT read!!! And I love that as intense as their sex life is, there are still those elements of deep love, intimacy and hilarious goofing off that epitomises exactly who these two guys are.

Quick shout-out, too, to Blake who is a total scene-stealer! Wes’ team-mate and the boys’ totally in-your-face neighbour, Blake is boisterous and loud-mouthed but he has a heart of gold and I loved him! I’m so excited he’s getting his own book.

I loved this story! The romance is both sexy as all hell and absolutely gorgeous, the drama and emotion is beautifully written, and it’s so freaking funny! I laughed out loud so many times at the boys’ antics and their inner monologues, and I love their irreverent humour which makes this book such a fun read. And of course there’s the boys – you can’t help but love Wes and Jamie, they are unforgettable characters and I absolutely adore them. I loved seeing their development through this book, and I loved every minute of their journey.

A fantastic read – 4.5 stars.


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