Review: Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

Drunk Dial

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4.5 “Tell me something funny” stars

Oh, I loved this book! Irresistible hero, gorgeous romance, functional relationship and dialogue that is just gold, this book was so much fun with a love story full of chemistry, sexual tension, passion and swoon. Such a great read!

It all starts with an adorable set up when drunken Rana Saloomi googles her old childhood friend and decides to call him, giving him a serve about something that happened during the time they knew each other. She ends the call with a triumphant ‘mike drop’ hang up, only for Landon to call her immediately back.

Landon Roderick remembers exactly who Rana is. The girl he called ‘Rana Banana’ was his best friend for a year when they were kids. And after all of their years apart, they slip effortlessly back into an easy familiarity.

“What do you think I look like?”
“I’ve been picturing you like how you used to look but wearing a belly dancer outfit. It’s confusing. I honestly don’t know what to imagine.”
“So, you see me with short, black hair and a unibrow?”
“You said it, not me.”

Rana still lives in Michigan where they grew up, but Landon has moved out to California, and the distance between them allows for lots of dialogue – which I LOVE in a book! There is epic banter, text messages, selfies and countless phone conversations as they reconnect and get to know each other all over again – now as adults and becoming closer than ever.

Oh my. It was him – a selfie.
Fuck. Me. He was beautiful.

“Now show me you.”

It’s no surprise where the story is going to go, and I revelled in every moment of Rana and Langdon’s flirtation. The easily recaptured friendship is full of banter and teasing, which soon becomes meaningful and more emotional, and I felt every moment as they fell for each other from a distance. And when Rana takes the step of a spontaneous trip out to see the man she’s falling so hard for, I was holding my breath in anticipation of all of the awesome to come – and I wasn’t let down.

“Who’s this?”
For the first time, Landon’s mouth curved into a slight smile. “This is my girl, Ace. She just doesn’t know it yet.”

OMG, I love this romance! It’s fun, sweet, funny and gorgeously emotional. I could feel the connection between Rana and Langdon, and yeah things move fast between them, but I was completely on board with that. From the moment they start to reconnect they are a permanent fixture in each other’s lives, and I thought the pacing and intensity of everything that develops between them was beautifully done. Their relationship is open, honest and super functional with no stupid or game playing. They are just two people who fall for each other and who make the decision to follow their hearts, and I was captivated every step of the way.

“I’m totally fucking obsessed with you, Rana.”
I wanted to tell him that I was beyond the point of obsessed with him. Instead, I tried to snap myself out of the sexual spell his words were putting me under.
“You’re obsessed with the idea of me — the mystique. The reality is a mess.”
“What reality isn’t? A relationship is about appreciating the good, the bad, and the ugly. No one is perfect.”

The drama comes from their time apart, and the unexpected turns that their lives took. They both have secrets, and it will take a lot of honesty, trust, forgiveness and understanding for them to get through it all. There are twists and turns as all is revealed, and as Rana and Langdon work through it, but I loved the way it all played out and I thought it added a really nice emotional touch to the story, and I felt everything as it all unfolded.

I loved this book. It’s fun, funny, sweet, sexy, emotional and beautifully romantic. I felt every moment of Rana and Langdon’s ‘friends-to-lovers’ reunion, and finished this book with a massive grin on my face and my heart bursting with happiness.

“Don’t you know by now that you are everything?”

4.5 stars.


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