Review: The Space Between (The Walshes, #2) by Kate Canterbary

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The second book in The Walshes series gives us the story of Patrick – eldest of the Walsh siblings. He is the serious one, the moody one, and the one that is unofficially in charge of the architectural firm where they all work together. The success of their company means that they need to hire additional help, and when Andy Assani shows up to interview as Patrick’s intern, he has no idea that his entire life is about to be turned upside down.

Andy is smart, confident and incredibly driven. She is passionate about architecture, and has admired Patrick professionally all throughout her college years. In fact, she is pretty much “boy-band obsessed” with him, and she wants nothing more than the opportunity to work with him and have him teach and mentor her.

And from the moment they meet they both have a RAGING case of insta-lust. To the point where it’s actually quite funny reading their thoughts about each other as they struggle to control their raging hormones.

I noticed the boots. I noticed them and the long legs encased in them about four seconds after I ripped my eyes away from her hair. They went all the way up to her knees. All I could think about was wrapping those legs around my neck and feeling those ridiculous heels digging into my back while she writhed against my face.
Yep. That was a normal thought for the start of an interview.

In the first book, Patrick is all seriousness, and actually seems kinda dull, but getting to know him, particularly getting the opportunity to get inside his head, we see a completely different side of him, and I loved it! At first, Patrick is hesitant about hiring Andy. How can he possibly work alongside the woman when all he can think about is getting her naked? But she is ideal for the job and as they start to work together and he gets to know her, he realises there is more to her than her looks, and his mad lust for her only increases.

Inside five days, she became my left hand, and she loved it. It was a good thing she had no idea what I was doing with my left hand when she wasn’t around.
… Her brain was her sexiest feature, and working with her felt like the most bizarre, wonderful form of foreplay ever invented. 

For her part, Andy feels exactly the same, but she is career driven, and determined not to let anything get in the way of her dreams – especially sleeping with the boss.

He turned my body into a needy, achy ball of want, and with each passing hour, I wanted him twice as much as I did the previous. And he was my boss – the man I idolized from afar for years, the man in control of my future as an architect. 

The UST builds to epic proportions as these two dance around each other, and try to ignore what is brewing between them. But eventually it all becomes too much for them, and it all explodes into a passionate affair.

Neither of them can get enough of the other, but neither of them feel ready for a relationship so they decide to keep it just sex, and for the sake of Andy’s professional career, they agree to keep it a secret from their colleagues (Patrick’s family). But in all honesty, all that does it just adds a whole heap of excitement to it all.

“Patrick,” she sighed, her fingers scraping over my scalp.
“I want you making that sound while I’m fucking you. When you’re coming for me. When you’re begging for more, for me.”

I love Patrick and Andy together! Their chemistry is fantastic, and they are so, so hot together! And I love the way they continuously challenge each other – in and out of the bedroom. They are both committed to their careers, but they give each other a balance in their lives that neither of them realised that they needed, and I loved watching the progression of their relationship.

“I want…I want to stop pretending this is ‘just sex’. This isn’t ‘just sex’ for me, Andy, and I don’t think it is for you either.”

The storyline featuring the Walsh siblings carries over from the previous book, with more progression for Matt and Lauren , and the continuation of the family dramas that were established in the last book (Underneath It All – I would definitely recommend reading it first). OMG, I love this group together! Each of the siblings are incredibly different, and when they come together, it’s gold! They clash frequently, but their love and concern for each other is always evident in their teasing and banter, and the dynamics between them are sensational. I adore the scenes with all of them together.

There is some conflict thrown in towards the end of the book which seemed a bit OTT, and I must confess I got annoyed at some of the behaviour.

 And then the ending was a bit abrupt, so that spoiled what was, up until that point, a fantastic read. But it does end well, and I’m very happy with how things ended up.

This is a series I am quickly becoming addicted to. The writing is intelligent, romantic and sexy with lots of laughs and a nice amount of emotion. The story is fast paced, yet contains lots of detail and all of those little moments that romance readers like me love to read about. I’m not ready to let go just yet so I’m going straight on to the next book featuring enigmatic brother, Sam.

I loved it – 4 stars.


The Walsh series


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