Review: Shades of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #7) by Lara Adrian

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Another Midnight Breed book finished – and another one that I absolutely loved!

I fear I am becoming a wee bit obsessed with this series! They have the perfect mix of action, swoony, steamy romance, and absolutely fantastic characters that you cannot help but love.

Kade is a newer member of the Order, and I was worried that I wouldn’t connect with him as much seeing as though I hadn’t known him from the beginning of the series. WRONG! I absolutely loved him, and was entrenched in his story from page 1. Of course, it helped that the heroine, Alex, was also pretty awesome.

Alex is a survivor, losing her mother and brother to a Rogue attack when she was a child, she and her father escaped to Alaska where she has carved out a life for herself, trying to put her awful past behind her. When Kade comes to her small town to investigate slayings in the area, the two of them have an instant attraction. I wouldn’t say it was insta-love, but it is very intense, very quickly, but it is still realistic. Their connection is very strong, and with the dual POV, you know what they are feeling and you can see how and why they fall for each other so quickly. I also love how Alex was the one to put herself out there to Kade. He may have initiated first kiss, but she did the rest. She knew she wanted him, and she went for it, and I really liked that.  

 And even when he tries to pull away in order to protect her, again she stands strong and refuses to let him, and I wanted to cheer for her. The love scenes are hot, and the romance is epically swoony – OMG that boy can bring the swoon! There are no games, no stupidness, they both talk to each other about what they are feeling, and just go with it. Thank God!

There is also plenty of action, as Kade returns to his Alaskan home to investigate just what (or who) is responsible for all of the recent killings, and in doing so he has to face a secret from his past. And while he deals with that, he discovers what happened to the mysterious Ancient, uncovers another of Dragos’ schemes and calls the Order boys in who show up in all of their badass glory to kill minions, fight bad guys and blow shit up. Oh yeah!

The next book is also set up beautifully with Brock developing a bit of a fixation on Alex’s best friend Jenna, who has had her own dealings with the Ancient. What is going on there??? Looking forward to seeing how that all unfolds.

Another fantastic addition to this fantastic series.

5 action packed, swoony stars.


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