Review: Wrong (Wrong, #1) by Jana Aston

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4 stars!

Wrong is the first book I have read by Jana Aston and it won’t be my last. Funny, sexy, swoony, and sweet, this book is an great addition to the world of romantic comedy.

Sophie works at Grind Me, the coffee shop near campus. Every Tuesday a man visits the coffee shop and though they have only conversed about his coffee preference, he makes an impression on Sophie. She knows nothing about him except that his name is Luke, he wears nice suits, and he is probably a decade older than her. That doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about him even if she does have a boyfriend.

Sophie a twenty-one year old virgin and decides it’s time to take the next step with her boyfriend, Mike. She has always picked the wrong guy, so fingers crossed Mike is the right guy for her. Off to the doctor she goes to get a prescription for birth control pills. When she arrives at the health clinic, Sophie gets quite a surprise.

The door swings open and Marie walks in.
With Luke.
Coffee-shop Luke.

Oh my God. My fantasy crush is a gynecologist.
My gynecologist.

Talk about awkward!

They end up bumping into each other numerous times, and what follows is a sexy and super steamy relationship between Sophie and Luke, the man who should be all wrong for her but who just might be Mr. Right.

“You’re so sweet. What the hell am I going to do with you?” He pauses then, searching my eyes like this is an actual question, so I answer.
“Keep me.

I really enjoyed Wrong. It left me laughing out-loud with a smile on my face. The storyline and the characters are hilarious and entertaining. Sophie was a hoot. Her train of thought was all over the place and completely over the top but so enjoyable. Written entirely in Sophie’s POV you don’t know what Luke is thinking, but its not too hard to take a guess. His actions were intense and really steamed up the pages. He was sweet, sexy, and protective, and his filthy mouth was jaw dropping. Talk about hot! He’s an alpha male that knows what he wants.

The banter was epic and the awkward interactions were fantastic. I loved how flustered Sophia got around him. Embarrassing, yet hilarious scenes had me laughing, blushing, and cringing simultaneously.

Though there was some drama I could have done without, Wrong was an enjoyable romantic comedy and a great start to a new series.  Included was an epilogue that was perfect and left me grinning from ear to ear. I can’t wait to read the next book, Right, featuring Sophie’s best friend, Everly.


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